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Toyota Aqua Long Drive TVC

Patryk Kizny teamed up with a UK-based timelapser Chris Burton to work on latest Toyota Aqua Hybrid TVC shot in Dunnotar Castle, Scotland. The production side was handled by Dave Neilson of Filming in Scotland. Kizny & Burton were in charge of motion control and cinematography and worked along with Japanese director to achieve the results.
It took five shooting days and numerous prep days to execute 3 motion controlled shots in parallel in a perfect sync with the Sun movement to capture the beauty of the site at the dawn.

Two 5-m long multiaxis motion control rigs were deployed with a 3rd assisting 2m unit. The shoot posed serious technical challenges not only because of the simultaneous camera angles but also extreme humidity at the shore.

Agency: Dentsu Tokyo
Production Company: Pict Int., ETE Inc
Producer: Siraishi Michihiko
Production Service: Filming in Scotland
Line Producer: Dave Neilson
Director: Kakimoto Kensaku
Timelapse cinematography & motion control: Chris Burton & Patryk Kizny
Equipment: DitoGear™