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The Third Eye – A Blinding Moroccan Experience | Morocco Timelapse Film Teaser

At the break of May and June, we spent 3 weeks in Morocco. We’ve flown there without extra clothing, but with lots of equipment – cameras, lenses, DJI Ronin stabilizer, DitoGear – all this with the intention to develop a video.
Thanks to the amazing people, we were able to work freely. After we came back, it turned out we have enough material for two videos and this is what we’re going to serve you. Currently, we’re finishing the first one, that will show Morocco in the timelapse technique. The other one will utilize timelapse shots as links in a tale of Morocco.
Not wanting to reveal any more details, we’re showing you the teaser for ‘The Third Eye – A Blinding Moroccan Experience’, shot entirely in the timelapse technique. This little teaser includes 5 shots: day to night timelapse in Marrakech, historic Kssour, Anougal Valley at the feet of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. We’ve selected over 50 timelapses for the final version of the video.
If you like what we’re doing, share the teaser and stay tuned for the full video premiere coming soon.
Thanks for watching and sharing!

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