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Sliders comparison: Kessler, Ditogear, Dynamic Perception

DitoGear™ disclaimer:

Please note that this is a video shot and contributed independently by one of our customers and is not sponsored or influenced by DitoGear™ in any way.

3 motorized sliders comparison by Bartek Hlawka

  1. Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly
  2. Kessler Cineslider with Elektradrive
  3. Ditogear Omnislider

My goal was to find a product able to make nice timelapses and video shots.

0:20 – 1. general impression
0:44 – 2. construction
6:43 – 3. working sound
7:57 – 4. test drive
14:47 – 5. summary

For my purposes the best choice is Ditogear Omnislider. I tested it in “real life” and results were stunning.

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