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The Dreams Come True – Amazing timelapse short film

Dreams come true – A visual poem directed by Damián Perea

Shot using 2 x DitoGear™ OmniSlider 1.5m in one week.

And now I ask you:
Do you really think Man is the only one capable of dreaming?
I know isn´t so…

A visual poem film made using timelapse and HDR techniques to reinforce the poetic character of the script.
Presented for the candidature of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the European Capital of Culture 2016.



Original idea, production and direction:
Damián Perea Lezcano /  www.damianperea.com 

Script writer:
Damián Perea Lezcano
Nazareth Lezcano Cabrera

Director of photography:
Patryk Kizny  / www.kizny.com  / www.lookycreative.com

Timelapse cinematographer and technician:
Robert Paluch /  www.ditogear.com  / www.lookycreative.com

Editor and vfx:
Alberto Navarro /  www.catartsys.es 

Color Grading:
Patryk Kizny

Music Composer:
David Campodarve / www.davidcampodarve.com 

Canarian actress: Mónica Campodarve
Spanish actress: Nuria Mediavilla
English actress: Rebecca Simpson

Concept artist and story board:
Ricardo Manrique de Lara Cabrera


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Graphic designer:
Ricardo Manrique de Lara Cabrera

Executive producer:
Damián Perea Lezcano

Set Production:
David Montelongo Martín / www.salitreproducciones.com

Production Assistant:
Martin Luciano Guimarães / www.animayo.com

Sound Technician: David González
Voice Production: Jonatán Burgazzoli

Sound editing, mixing and mastering:
Marcin Bors / Fonoplastykon

Music mixing and aditional voice recording:
Ramón García Tubío

Runner and Assistant:
Richard Santana Roukoz
Juan José Brito Ramos

Diego Navarro
Rebecca Simpson[/col2]