36 Months Extended Warranty


Extend your product warranty to total of 36 months.

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All DitoGear™ Products come with 12-months limited warranty of the manufacturer.

This product extends your warranty for all products included in this order to total of 36 months from the date of purchase of the prodcuts (not the warranty). The price of this warranty extension is 7% of order total.  

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How to use this product?

1. Purchasing extended warranty while placing the order:

Put this product in your cart or add it during the checkout process. The price will be calculated automatically basing on your order total. The warranty is valid during 36 months from the date of products purchase. 

2. Purchasing extended warranty for products that you purchased earlier:

You can extend your warranty even after purchasing the products at DitoGear™ provided that you do it within 12 months from the date of original products purchase. Add this product to your cart. The price will total to 0. Do not add any other products, unless you want the warranty also cover these products. Place the order choosing bank wire as a payment method and put your original order number in notes or let us know by email. DitoGear™ staff will review your order and calculate warranty price basing on your original order total. You will be able to pay using any of the payment methods accepted by DitoGear™ after your order is reviewed.


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