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DitoGear™ OmniSlider Stepper to Servo Upgrade

The DitoGear OmniSlider Servo Upgrade is a new servo motor unit for DitoGear OmniSliders based on stepper motors.

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Benefits of servo motor version:
  • Vibration-free and oscillation-free performance across full range of speeds bringing ultimate motion smoothness as well as allowing for shooting video using magic arm or shooting macro. 
  • Low noise level allowing for working with the sound on a set across most speeds. 
  • Unmatched positioning precision of 0.1mm and full motion repeatability for VFX regardless of the battery power status. 
  • Unmatched range of speeds on one motor unit: starting from 1m / 450 days in timelapse mode to 1m / 3.85s in video mode. 
  • High torque and payloads: over 70kg (150 lbs) in horizontal operation mode and up to 12 kg (25 lbs) in vertical operation mode. 
  • Lower average power consumption (even as low as 0.2A) allowing for about 48h of continuous operation (in timelapse mode) on a kit battery!

Please note that in vertical operation under high payloads the current draw may peak up to 3.5A.
Safe operation in case of power cutoff while operating in vertical mode.  

Upgrade options:
  • Standard - you receive one servo motor unit. 
  • Extra - you get the new servo motor unit as well as new controller unit. 

You are allowed to keep your old controller and motor unit, you may also upgrade your older controller to the newest firmware. Having a 2nd controller may be a good backup when planning your trip to remote locations.  

Important notes: In order to work with servo motor unit you need an upgraded "V2" controller firmware (11.08.20 or later build). If you go for standard upgrade please send us the controller for a free firmware upgrade.
If you have the Alu Transport Case for DitoGear™ OmniSlider Stepper you may consider also purchasing a new transport case. The Servo Motor Unit is much larger than Stepper and will not fit in your old case. Sorry about that. Good thing is that there's much more room for accessories and the battery in the new case.

Related questions:

  • What motor do I have?
If you got your slider before 2011/08/20 you certainly have the stepper motor as it was the only option those days.If you got your slider after 2011/08/20 you may have either stepper or servo version. Just check the logo engraved on your motor unit. All servo versions are labeled with servo logo.

  • Do I need to upgrade the firmware to use servo motors?

Yes, for sure if you got your slider or firmware upgrade before 2011/08/20. If you purchased your slider later, you have to check the settings menu for build date. All builds after 11.08.20 support servo motor and also you may choose DitoGear™ OmniSlider Servo or Stepper in Settings / Controlled device.


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