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DitoGear™ GridWalker Bundle

A multi-axis motion controlled frame dedicated for stop-motion animation, visual effects and art and heritage documentation industry.

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GridWalker Bundle includes:
  • GridWalker Frame 
  • OmniSlider Servo 2.0m x2
  • DitoGear™ OmniSlider Stepper 2.0m 
  • DitoGear™ OmniSlider Head Adapter Plate x3 
  • DitoGear™ Wedge 
  • DitoGear™ Evolution or DitoGear™ DragonBridge  
  • BreakOut Box  
  • Signal Splitter 
  • AC/DC Power Adapter 
  • 10Amp Power Splitter B 
  • Shutter Release Cable  
  • RJ45 Signal Cable 
  • 1m x2 RJ45 Signal Cable 
  • 3m x3 RJ45 Signal Cable 
  • 5m x3 Power Cable Extender 
  • 3m x4 Power Cable Extender
  • 9m x2 Power Cable Extender

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