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DitoGear™ T'rantula HD Bundle

DitoGear™ T’rantula HD is an extensible motion control slider for medium to extreme weight camera setups up to 150kg (300lbs).

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T'rantula HD Bundle is ready to use,  modular, double rail slider.

Kit includes:

T'rantula HD 1m
Power and Cabling

T'rantula HD Bundle can be extended to 2m, 3m, or even 10m by adding  T’rantula HD Track Kit .  

Weights of bundles:
  • 1m T’rantula HD Bundle with PowerBrick 15Ah - 14.8kg (32.6lb) 
  • 1m T’rantula HD Bundle with Power Pack 14Ah - 17.9kg (39.5lb) 

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