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DitoGear™ rEvolution Interface


DitoGear rEvolution is an interface that controls DitoGear actuators.

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The open standard of communication OSC (Open Sound Control) allows to independently implement procedures for equipment operations adapted to individual needs. Data transfer takes place through a well-documented standard via Ethernet (UDP). The full speed and range management lets you have control over the equipment connected to rEvolution. Simultaneous support for up to 10 independent axes with the option to synchronize the movement makes complex and advanced motion sequences easy and intuitive.

The built-in module for selecting predefined devices allows you to easily set up any actuator on the Dito Gear offer.


  •         10 independent output channels,
  •         independent SHUTTER output in each channel
  •          LEDs onthe panel signaling a line status
  •         cooperation with differential and TTL / CMOS output systems
  •         load capacity up to 50mA
  •         easy and free upgrade of the firmware,
  •         configuration of network parameters via USB
  •         control via Ethernet using the OSC protocol,
  •         open API available to all users,
  •         precise control of the output frequency, up to 250kHz
  •         powered directly from Dito Gear devices,


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