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OmniSlider rEvolution Motion Control

DitoGear™ OmniSlider rEvolution Motion Control Kit lets you use 3rd party controllers with DitoGear equipment.

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The Kit consist of DitoGear™ OmniSlider and DitoGear™ OmniHead. 4-axis and 5-axis option available by adding DitoGear™ LensDrives for focus and zoom. This set is combined with rEvolution Interface that controls DitoGear actuators. 

Features of rEvolution Interface
  • 10 independent output channels,
  • independent SHUTTER output in each channel,
  • LEDs onthe panel signaling a line status
  • cooperation with differential and TTL / CMOS output systems
  • load capacity up to 50mA
  • easy and free upgrade of the firmware,
  • easy and free upgrade of the firmware,
  • configuration of network parameters via USB, 
  • control via Ethernet using the OSC protocol,
  • open API available to all users,
  • precise control of the output frequency, up to 250kHz,
  • powered directly from Dito Gear devices,

Note: 2.5m OmniSlider comes with 2.5m Alu Transport Case also in a Standard Kit Variant due to shipping safety.


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