T’rantula HD Evolution Motion Control

T’rantula HD Evolution Motion Control Kit is a set of devices designed to achieve smooth movements (slide/pan/tilt/zoom/focus) of the camera.

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T’rantula HD Evolution Motion Control Kit comes with the T’rantula HD 1.0m.  You can extend the dolly by adding a specific length of T’rantula HD Track Kit.   
The 3- axis kit (without LensDrives) includes:  
  • Evolution Interface
  • OmniController
  • T’rantula HD 1.0m
  • OmniHead Body Unit
  • 15mm support rods adapter plate + Rods
  • Wedge
  • 1-axis power & Signal Cable set
  • 2-axis power & Signal Cable set
  • Shutter Release Cable (C3)
  • Power Pack 7Ah
  • Power Pack 14A
  • Power Splitter (1 to 4)

Add 1 or 2 LensDrives for focus and/or zoom.

Plus Variants include also:
  • Trito
  • T'rantula HD Transport case
  • OmniHead Transport case
  • SmoothWheel controller (only when LensDrive is added)

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