Motorize your slider with DitoGear™ MotionKit


We are happy to launch DitoGear™ MotionKit for Trost M-series and DitoGear™ Multi-Axis Extension Kit.


Choose the best gear for your needs and motorize it with DitoGear™ products at tempting prices. Enjoy a 10% discount till February 25th.



Multi-Axis Extension for MotionKit


Now you can also add Pan & Tilt or even Focus/Iris/Zoom drive thanks to DitoGear™ Multi-Axis Extension Kit for 3rd party gear.

Check bundle details at



MotionKit for Trost M-series


Trost has made name for manufacturing the most sturdy camera sliders money can buy today.

DitoGear’s partnership with Trost extends Motion Kit products family with a dedicated motion control unit for Trost M-series slider. You can own the best of two worlds – ultimate motion control features for the highest-performance sliders on the market.

And the best thing is that for the next 2 weeks you can enjoy a special pricing for both DitoGear™ and Trost products. Detailed terms can be found here.




Other DitoGear™ MotionKits


DitoGear™ Motion Kit has been available for Cinevate, Gliedcam, Kessler Crane® and Dynamic Perception sliders. Our special offer also applies to those bundles.






You can purchase DitoGear™ MotionKit and Multi-Axis Extension Kit in our store at The dispatch time is 1-3 weeks.




  1. The bundles included in the offer: Multi-Axis Extension Kit, MotionKit for Trost, MotionKit for Dynamic Perception, MotionKit for Cinevate, MotionKit for Glidecam, MotionKit for Kessler Crane®
  2. Trost Motion offers a 20% discount for Trost M100, M50, or M100x50. Use a voucher code DITO20 at
  3. Orders must be placed and payments cleared before 2016/02/25, 23:59:59 GMT+1.
  4. This special is not cumulative with any other codes or discounts.