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Introducing VibraFreek Kit – a new kit to make your shots even smoother!

We are happy to present NEW VibraFreek Kit  that includes VibraFreek Unit and its Upgrade, IsoWire and XY Module.  All with a new mounting system in a lowered, introductory price.

Save more than $1400 on the Kit.

This is not the end. Additionally, check our 30% sale on parts and accessories of the Chase Car system.

Enjoy and start shopping now!

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Check the details of VibraFreek Kit:

  • VibraFreek Unit – it  is a vibration dampening system allowing to shoot ultra-smooth shots from moving vehicles. It can be adapted to work on any standard car and with 3rd party gimbal stabilizers, such as NEWTON, MOVI, DJI RONIN or ACR Systems (formerly BeSteady).
  • VibraFreek Upgrade – easily exchange arms in VibraFreek and take advantage of  longer arms to use it with wider range of gimbals. The Upgrade consists of four 500 mm arms.
  • IsoWire – it stabilizes camera microvibrations caused by uneven road surface. Together with VibraFreek dampening system and XY Module, it allows steady and ultra-smooth vehicle footage.
  • XY Module – it significantly boosts performance of VibraFreek under extreme conditions such as high speeds, rough terrain or wind.
  • Tube Adapter Clamps

We want to make the mounting of Vibrefreek even simpler, so we prepared a new way of attaching VibraFreek to your car – Tube Adapter Clamps that let you mount VibraFreek on any car with the help of a standard 48-52mm speed rail.*

Terms and conditions:

  • Discount applies to orders placed between 2017/11/02 – 2017/11/16.
  • Payment must be cleared before 2017/11/16, 23:59:59 GMT.
  • The discount is already added to the selected products and visible at DitoGear Store.
  • The prices may vary slightly depending on the currency rates.
  • The offer is limited to item’s availability and the sequence of orders placed.
  • This special is not cumulative with any other codes or discounts.
  • The products excluded from 30% sale: DitoGear Lifter, DitoGear Chase Car, DitoGear Chase Car Kit.
  • Orders will be shipped successively, according to the date of the payment clearance.

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*not included with Tube Adapter Clamps.