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DitoGear™ Modulo Clearance





Take advantage of Modulo Clearance and save over $1000.

Only 5 units are left!



We are giving away DitoGear™ Modulo Bundles:


  • Modulo Dolly B + OmniController 2m  $2570  is now reduced to $1500

  • Modulo Dolly B + OmniController 3m  $2892 is now reduced to $1700


Modulo is DitoGear ™ modular and portable slider.

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  1. This special is not cumulative with any other codes or discounts.
  2. Promotion includes Modulo Dolly B 2m or 3m Standard.
  3. Standard version means Modulo + OmniController.
  4. Special offer is valid while stocks last.
  5. The discount is already added to the selected products.


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