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DitoGear™ Dry Eye comes back redesigned





We are happy to announce that DitoGear™ DryEye is back in our store. It has been redesigned and now is offered in one version. It is very easy to use, light and efficient. In fact, it is brand new product and it is simpler, better and cheaper than its previous versions.



Who may benefit?


DitoGear™ DryEye will be a great accessory for all outdoor photographers and filmmakers. It has been awaited especially by Timelapse community. Night shots and mountain photography will be so much easier with our new DryeEye.


How it works?


DryEye prevents dew condensation or freezing of the camera lenses during longterm shooting in humid or low temperature conditions. Iit may be also used to clean the lens that has already got frost or when the dew already condensed on the lens surface. The maximum temperature of the heater is around 50°C so it is completely safe for the optics and strong enough to prevent dew condensation or lens freezing in all conditions. The DitoGear™ Dry Eye has a manual temperature offset control.



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What is included?


1 x Controller
1 x Heater
1 x Power Cable
1 x Transport Soft Case





Max power consumption Power supply Operating temperature Operating humidity LED heating indicator
0.69A 8.5V – 14.4V DC  -40°C to 60°C   0 to 100%  25% +7 °C ; 50% +13 °C  ; 75% +20 °C  ; 100% +26 °C



Power & Cabling


The DitoGear™ DryEye is powered using any 8.5 – 14.4V DC power source capable of delivering 0.8A current. The battery is not a part of a bundle. It comes with a power cable compatible with Power Pack or PowerBrick, batteries available at ditogear store. If different cabling is needed, following products can be purchased in ditogear store, as an DryEye Accessory.




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