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Introducing DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit + DitoGear™ IsoWire, DitoGear™ ExArm and DitoGear™ VibraFreek Upgrade


At DitoGear we have always been passionate about automotive cinematography. Today we are happy to announce three new accessories for DitoGear™ VibraFreek: IsoWire, ExArm and VibraFreek Upgrade.
New Accessories introductory price isdiscounted by 20%. Additionally, 20% discount has been added to all VibraFreekAccessories and VibraFreek Bundle!


We also introduce DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit – complete, ready to use camera car bundle, in three exciting versions.


New VibraFreek Accessories



DitoGear™ IsoWire

DitoGear™ IsoWire stabilizes camera microvibrations caused by uneven road surface. It effectively reduces balance and microvibrations in XYZ. Together with DitoGear™ VibraFreek dampening system and DitoGear™ VibraFreek XY Module, DitoGear™ IsoWire allows steady and ultra-smooth vehicle footage.


It is available in 3 payload viariations:


  1. 12kg – 20 kg
  2. 20 kg – 29 kg
  3. 29 kg – 38 kg,


Dimensions Weight Compatible with
180 x 180 x 105 1.65 kg Newton, Movi and Ronin gimbals



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DitoGear™ ExArm



DitoGear™ ExArm can be mounted on Pillar or DitoGear™ Lifter. It allows camera and VibraFreek to be mounted with 1.5 m distance. With DitoGear™ ExArm your automotive footage will have broader range with shots beyond camera car outline. It can be mounted in front or on sides of Lifter and Pillar.


Dimensions Weight Maximum payload
1535 x 200 x 100  7 kg 12 kg (gimbal + camera weight)


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DitoGear™ VibraFreek Upgrade



Take advantage of upgraded VibraFreek. Its longer arms allow usage with wider range of gimbals.

DitoGear™ VibraFreek Upgrade consists of four 500 mm arms. This upgrade enables you to easily exchange arms in your current VibraFreek.


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New VibraFreek Accessories are already available with special introductory pricing at www.ditogear.com. Shipping starts end of October/beginning of November.


Introductory Pricing Terms


  1. The discount of 20% is already added to all New VibraFreek Accessories.
  2. Additionally, 20% discount has been added to all other existing VibraFreek Accessories and VibraFreek Bundle.
  3. This special is not cumulative with any other codes or discounts.
  4. Payment must be cleared before 2016/10/20, 23:59:59 GMT.
  5. Orders will be shipped successively, according to the date of the payment clearance.


DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit



DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit is a complete chase car system compatible with all gimbals. It is excellent choice for automotive cinematography and branded content videos.



Basic Chase Car Kit includes


1x DitoGear™ VibraFreek Bundle
1x VibraFreek Upgrade
1x DitoGear™ VibraFreek XY Module
1x DitoGear™ ExArm
1x DitoGear™ IsoWire
1x DitoGear™ Lifter
1x DitoGear™ VibraFreek 2m Pillar
1x DitoGear™ VibraFreek Pillar Support Arm
3x DitoGear™ VibraFreek Pillar Support Arm Mounting Hinge


Chase Car Kit is also available with NEWTON by Intuitive Aerial. This lightweight, gyro-stabilized, remote camera head is a perfect companion for DitoGear™VibraFreek. It allows steady shots from a wide range of cameras and lens control systems whilst in motion on a camera car


You can also take advantage of our Car Customization Service, during promotion at half price!



Car Customization Service includes
wrapping the car with black matt foil
signal power wiring for receiving image from the camera in the car
car customization to enable mounting Chase Car Kit




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