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Introducing DitoGear™ Animator Cube

Introducing DitoGear™ Animator Cube       We are thrilled to introduce DitoGear™ Animator Cube – a multi-axis motion controlled cage for visual effects and stop motion animation. It allows to position and program camera moves without almost any limitations within the cage boundaries.   We are taking Pre Orders now. Introductory Price offers 10%… View Article

DitoGear™ High Speed Motion Control

DitoGear™ High Speed Motion Control         We are excited to introduce two new products:   DitoGear™ Trinity – high speed arm DitoGear™Morpheus – high speed slider   We are taking Pre Orders now. Introductory Price offers 30% discount.       They both introduce a new line of high speed gear, with… View Article

DitoGear™ Dry Eye comes back redesigned

DitoGear™ Dry Eye comes back redesigned         We are happy to announce that DitoGear™ DryEye is back in our store. It has been redesigned and now is offered in one version. It is very easy to use, light and efficient. In fact, it is brand new product and it is simpler, better… View Article

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