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DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit


The Third Eye by Kamil Piechowiak

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Motion Control

Live action, time lapse and stop motion – use these kits for many purposes. Everything you need gathered together for perfect works!

Animator’s Kit

Multi-axis kits for animators. Work with Dragonframe via our DragonBridge or DMC-16 Adapters.

High Speed

High speed slider and high speed spinning arm that you can use for promotional videos and product photography. Take superb quality slow-motion shots!

Chase Cars Equipment

Ready-to-shoot Chase Car,  complete Chase Car Kit or VibraFreek – great and affordable automotive cinematography.


Sliders for stop motion, real time and time lapse. Choose the one for your needs: extensible or non-extensible, mono- or double rail, ultra-portable or heavy and stable.

Additional Axes

Head, arm, turntable or focus/zoom control – work with more than just 1 axis.


OmniController, Evolution, Trito, BD Controller,  Smoothwheel, DragonBridge or DMC-16 – choose your perfect controller.


Extra power kits for your gear – ultra-light portable battery or a heavier set with battery charger and power adapter.


Soft or hard cases for OmniHead, OmniSlider, T’rantula, MiniJib, Modulo, PowerBrick and LensDrive. Be sure that your gear is safe during transport.

Custom products and systems


Whether it is a customization of one of our existing products, new product idea or designing custom motion control system, DitoGear is always happy to hear from you. We combine expertise in electronics, hardware, software and firmware development with film industry knowledge and love for challenges.


Let us know what you need!