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Petra Verbruggen
Design ik wel
I use the OmniHead for timelapse but also for shooting real time. The reason why I have chosen for DitoGear™ is for the combination of build quality and it's almost self-explaining OmniController. I have to admit, however, that if you plan to use the OmniHead for real-time work often, I would recommend getting the DitoGear™ Trito or maybe the DitoGear™ Evolution interface. Downside is that you have so much mount possibilities for your camera, you will need to take some time to get the right gear for your needs.
Alberto Ros Diaz, Director, Spain
I really love my DitoGear™ OmniSlider, the finished product is like army grade! Indestructible. The user experience is fantastic, super easy and super powerful. DitoGear™ is a young company with great ideas. Super friendly people full of talent.
Jonathan Bolton
This really is a great product in terms of quality and price. Relatively simple to set up and use. We rent this out regularly and I expect it to last for a very long time as the build quality is first class.
Solidly built slider with optimal price-performance ratio and competent reliable service.
Ross Gerbasi
VFX Artist
DitoGear™ has consistently surpassed my expectations with their support, quality, and attention to detail. The OmniSlider, specifically, is well-built and extremely precise. Everything is intuitive, built for filmmakers by filmmakers. I couldn’t be happier with their products!
I am very pleased with the DitoGear™ OmniSlider for motion-controlled time-lapses. The rail is a tank and the case keeps it quite safe. I have placed it inside my ski bag for flying which helps with checking, as there are no funny looks or questions! The slider has also been up to 11.000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the back of a mule, and made it.
Ric Kasnoff
Moving up from my entry level MOCO device to the OmniSlider Servo has been a huge leap in ease of use, functionality, accuracy and build quality. I’m using it in my classes and it’s holding up very nicely to the rigors of inexperienced student use. We have found its controller logical, well thought out and easy to master. Great system, looking forward to seeing where they take it next.
Sara Woodmansee
Aerial Filmworks
The DitoGear™ OmniSlider has allowed us to take our timelapses to a whole other level! The fluidity and beauty of the motion is wonderful! Evolution allows us a new kind of freedom using the OmniSlider, and we look forward to any new developments with DitoGear™.
Jony Karlsson
Joke Media
DitoGear™ products are really well built and performs just as you are promised they would. I’ve used OmniSlider and OmniHead in many productions and will do so definitely in the future too. They really give us totally new ways to carry out our artistic visions. It´s a perfect tool for all motion picture artists, who wants to spice up their productions.
Chris Burton
Lizard King
I've been shooting timelapse for over 10 years, starting on 16mm film. The DitoGear™ range is everything I've dreamed of to make my shots more dynamic and fluid and it's exceptionally well made by fellow professionals, who are always willing to help.

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