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12V to 8.2V DC power adapter for Canon 5D/7D

$66.54 tax excl.

Availability: Dispatched in 1-2 weeks.

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The DitoGear™ 12V to 8.2V power adapter kit lets you connect the Canon DSLR Camera such as 5D MKII, MKIII, 7D or other cameras using LPE6 battery to any 12V DC power source.

The kit contains:

  1. A 12V-8.2V voltage reduction unit (integral part of the kit)
    - Input: DC Jack 5.5/2.1 female
    - Output: mini XLR 3-pin female
  2. A Canon LPE6-type DC coupler modified for mini-XLR connection or a mini XLR plug for your own assembly

    Canon DC coupler:
    - Input: mini XLR 3-pin male
    - Camera dummy battery

    Mini XLR plug:
    - Input: mini XLR 3-pin male (You will be able to solder it to your own DC Coupler)
    - Output: Your camera connector (DC coupler)

Voltage reduction unit:

The voltage reduction unit reduces the voltage from 12V or above to 8.2V to match the operating standard of Canon5D MKII, 7D and similar DSLR cameras. The proprietary technology by DitoGear™ has been designed to maximize efficiency and ensure safe and long operation.

The voltage reduction unit is featured with a professional mini-XLR output plug (8.2V output) to match the modified Canon DC coupler or other custom-made couplers.

The voltage reduction unit is suitable for DitoGear™ power supply (i.e. Power Pack 7Ah, Power Pack 14Ah, 12V AC/DC Power Adapter).

DC Coupler:

The DC Coupler allows for the camera-to-battery communication, so that there are no alerts displayed in the camera interface and also the battery level is shown.

You may choose to buy either a full kit or only a voltage reduction unit with extra mini-XLR plug to use it with your own DC coupler for Canon 5D/7D cameras or possibly also other 8.2V cameras.





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