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DitoGear™ VibraFreek

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DitoGear VibraFreek Technical Specifications

General specifications

Payload (Standard Springs1) 25kg (55.12lb)
Payload (HD Springs) 38kg (83.78lb)
Max. speed of a vehicle2 100km/h
Arm movement range3 35cm

Available Adapters

Other Adapters for different gimbals available upon request at

Dimensions and weights

Vibration Dampening Arm 53x16x22 [cm]; 6.5kg
Pillar 202x30x15 [cm]; 12kg
Pillar Support Arm4 252x97x5 [cm]; 12kg
Pillar Truss Cage 31x14x16 [cm]; 3.8kg
XY Module 17x16x17 [cm]; 2.3kg


VibraFreek w/ Pillar Mount 200x40x20 [cm]; 30kg
50x40x40 [cm]; 8kg
VibraFreek w/ Spider Mount 50x40x40 [cm]; 12kg
Vibration Dampening Arm 50x40x40 [cm]; 8kg

1 Included in VibraFreek bundles.
2 Tested on a flat road.
3 It’s regarding the Vibrafreek Vibration Dampening Arm.
4 That’s the maximum possible size of the Pillar Support Arm. Dimensions should be matched to the vehicle.