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DitoGear™ VibraFreek

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Recommended VibraFreek accessories

DitoGear™ Lifter

DitoGear™Lifter enables smooth vertical motion for automotive cinematography.

XY Module

DitoGear™ XY Module contributes to performance of DitoGear™ VibraFreek under extreme conditions such as high speeds, wind or rough terrain.

  • Weight 2.3 kg (5.1 lb)
  • Dimensions: 17x16x17 [cm]
  • Payload 18 kg

DJI Ronin Mounting Adapter

DJI Ronin Mounting Adapter enables attaching a DJI Ronin gimbal to DitoGear™ VibraFreek Vibration Dampening Arm.

DJI Ronin Mounting Adapter Plate

DitoGear™ DJI Ronin Mounting Adapter Plate is necessary to attach the DJI Ronin Mounting Adapter to DitoGear™ XY Module.

VibraFreek HD Springs

DitoGear™ VibraFreek HD Springs enable to increase the VibraFreek payload to 38 kg (83.78 lb).

VibraFreek Counterweight Set 2.5kg

VibraFreek Counterweight Set 2.5kg enhances the quality of results obtained when shooting with lighter cameras.

VibraFreek Mounting Rods

DitoGear™ VibraFreek Mounting Rods enable mounting the VibraFreek with a Spider Mount to a car’s bullbar.