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38kg payload*
up to 100km/h

Get the most of your gimbal stabilizer!

DitoGear™ VibraFreek converts your car and existing 3rd party gimbal into a high-end rig allowing to capture quality footage from moving vehicles regardless the environment.

Perfect moving vehicle shots at a fraction of price

Although gimbal stabilizers have made it to the mainstream, achieveing smooth shots from moving vehicles still requires specialized equipment which used to be very expensive. Not anymore. DitoGear™ VibraFreek can be adapted to work on any standard car and with a 3rd party gimbal stabilizer, such as ACR Systems (formerly BeSteady), DJI Ronin or MOVI, makes a complete high-end setup for achieving silky smooth shots in motion at a fraction of price.



VibraFreek takes payloads up to 38kg* effectively taking a high-end gimbal stabilizer and majority of cameras used nowadays. In fact, the higher the payload the better.

Mounting Options

SpiderMount Configuration
Pillar Configuration
Bespoke Mounts

SpiderMount configuration

DitoGear™ VibraFreek arm mounts directly to the SpiderMount Baseplate. 4 adjustable arms make it easy to rig it to a vehicle that has already some basic grip points available using. Suction cups can be used as well, but are not recommended for safety and performance reasons. See technical specs for SpiderMount details. DitoGear_VibraFreek_SpiderMount DitoGear_VibraFreek_SpiderMount

Pillar configuration

For the best performance DitoGear™ recommends the Pillar configuration. The pillar allows for simple vertical positioning of the camera and gimbal rig. This mounting option will require custom work to be done on the vehicle including welding to the rigid parts of the car. The bottom end of the pillar mounts to a support frame which is welded or fixed to the car frame near the front or rear fender. The Pillar Support Arm is hinge-mounted to the top of the pillar and to available supports on the roof of your car. The Pillar Support Arm may have different sizes and shapes depending on your vehicle. DitoGear_VibraFreek_PillarMount VibraFreek_Page

Bespoke configurations

DitoGear™ provides consulting and bespoke adaptations of vehicles for shooting. This includes designing and manufacturing necessary parts as well as suspension modifications. Contact us for details. DitoGear_VibraFreek_PillarMount

* DitoGear™ Vibration Dampening Arm, available separately or included in VibraFreek bundles, comes with two standard springs holding payload up to 25 kg (55.12  lb). DitoGear™ HD Springs allow you to increase the payload to 38 kg (83.78 lb).

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