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Get to know DitoGear™ Spinn360

DitoGear™ Spinn360 is a motion-controlled turntable supporting payloads up to 100kg.
It allows for precise motion control across live-action cinematography, VFX, timelapse and
stop-motion animation.


Spinn360 can be controlled with all DitoGear™ motion controllers and integrates with DZED Systems Dragonframe like all other DitoGear™ products.

Technical Specifications

Motor Unit Stepper Servo
Weight 14.6kg (32.19lb) 13.7kg (30.20lb)
Angular positioning precision 0.01° 0.0012°
Maximum current draw 3A (at 12V DC) 1A (at 12V DC)
Power supply 9-15V DC
Maximum speed 8s/360°
Maximum payload 100kg (220lb)
Base dimensions 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 18cm
Plate diameter & height 50cm x 1cm
Spinn360 height 25cm

Common features

High-end durable design
Simple setup
Simple cable management
Low power consumption
Various controllers
Speed matching
High speed range
Utmost precision
Live action operation *
Time lapse operation *
Stop Motion operation *
Slow motion mode *

* Depending on the controller. Learn more about DitoGear™ controllers.

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