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DitoGear™ PowerBox

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  • 9 independent DC power outlets
  • 2 independent, securely protected DSLR mini-XLR outlets
    for Canon DSLR and other cameras at 8.2V
  • 3 independent precisely regulated and securely protected XLR power outlets at 1.5V – 12V, max 3A per channel
  • 2 USB power outlets at 5V, max 2A per channel
  • 3 cigarette lighter plug sockets at 12V, max current 10A per channel
  • Audible low battery level alarm
  • Digital readout of the battery level
  • Full charging time ~24h
  • No extra charger needed – just connect the 230V
    plug directly into the unit
  • Charging process monitoring
  • Compatible with 3rd party common lead-acid batteries
  • Solid ruggedized enclosure


  • VIPOW LP75-12, 12V, 75Ah, lead-acid gel type battery
  • Max current draw: ~25A @ 12V
  • Battery dimensions: 260 x 168 x 221 mm
  • Unit dimensions: 300 x 300 x 340 mm
  • Battery weight: 22.75 kg (50 lbs)
  • Total unit weight: ~25kg (55 lbs)
  • Battery terminal height: 19mm
  • Main fuse: 25A

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