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A versatile, digitally-controlled pan/tilt head

DitoGear™ OmniHead is a compact motorized pan/tilt head based on digital architecture designed for high-precision operation with payloads up to 12 kgs. Whether you shoot with a DSLR or digital cinema camera, OmniHead is another must-have in your kit.

Available Controllers

Even the most sophisticated hardware is worth nothing without the right controller. OmniHead is compatible with all existing DitoGear™ motion controllers to cover full range of applications ranging from live action shooting, through time lapse and stop motion to multi-pass visual effects.

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Live Action & VFX

DitoGear™ Evolution allows for setting up multi-pass effects in a matter of minutes thanks to graphic user interface and bezier curves based motion programming. Hardware executes the moves across real-time, time lapse or stop motion modes with ease and precision* necessary for further compositing.

*Smooth, stable motion in focal length maximum 70mm

Live Action & VFX

Dragonframe Ready

DitoGear’s long-standing alliance with DZED Systems brings reliable integration of OmniHead (and other DitoGear™ motion control units) with Dragonframe software and hardware. Enhance your creativity and take full control over the scene with even richer camerawork.

Follow the Stars

Due to high-precision build and unmatched performance, OmniHead is a perfect tool for enhancing your night timelapse work with creative camera work. Together with DitoGear™ wedge, you can use OmniHead even as a simple celestial tracker for long-exposure astrophotography.

Panoramic Photographic Captures

OmniHead coupled with DitoGear™ Evolution allows also for automated captures of panoramic imagery. No more need to carry two devices.

Panoramic Photographic Captures

Extend the Kit

Whether you have one of DitoGear™ sliders or a third party camera dolly, OmniHead is already compatible with it. That means you can extend your kit to full 3-axis motion control or 5-axis system with additional DitoGear™ LensDrive units for simultaneous focus/iris/zoom control.

Extend the Kit

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