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DitoGear™ MotionKit

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Basic Kit

DitoGear™ MotionKit Bundles Reference
OmniController Bundle BD Controller Bundle
DitoGear™ Servo motor unit w/ traction belt & assembling parts
DitoGear™ OmniController w/
1/4″ Mounting Plate
DitoGear™ BD Controller DGBDC-RJ
1 Axis Power & Signal Cable Set DGA-PC-1AX
Signal Cable RJ45 (3m) DGA-PC-RJ45-3
Power Pack 7Ah w/ Battery Charger* DGA-PC-PP7-V2

* MotionKit for Trost includes DitoGear™ Power Pack 14Ah instead of the Power Pack 7Ah.

Multi-Axis Extension Kit

Controllers Reference 2-Axis 3-Axis
DitoGear™ Evolution Interface w/ Strap Accessory Holder DGEVO-RJ
DitoGear™ Evolution Software DGEVO-RJ
Tablet for running Evolution Not included
DitoGear™ Trito DGTR-RJ
DitoGear™ SmoothWheel DGLDA-SW
DitoGear™ OmniHead Body Unit DGOH-BOD
15mm support rods adapter plate + Rods DGOHA-RAP
DitoGear™ Wedge DGA-WG
DitoGear™ LensDrive Unit DGLD-BOD
Cinevate Lens Gear Rings Set DGLDA-GEA-KIT
Power & Cabling
1 Axis Power & Signal Cable Set DGA-PC-1AX
2 Axis Power & Signal Cable Set DGA-PC-2AX
Power Pack 7Ah DGA-PC-PP7-V2
Power Splitter (1 to 4) DGA-PC-PSPL-B4

Note: Kessler Crane®, Trost Motion, Cinevate, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception and all their product trademarks belong to their respective owners and used for information purposes only. DitoGear™ nor its products are affiliated with or endorsed by Kessler Crane®, Glidecam and Dynamic Perception.