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DitoGear™ Modulo

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DitoGear Modulo Technical Specifications

General specifications

  • Min speed: 1m/450 days in timelapse mode
  • Max speed: 5cm/s in Dolly A configuration
    or 120° on the motor shaft1
  • Positioning precision: 0.1mm = 10 000 steps/m
  • Track lengths: 1m to 5m recommended
    for motorized configurations
  • Operation temperature range: -25°C to 45°C
  • Payload (unmotorized): 25kg
  • Payload (motorized): 25kg in horizontal operation mode,
    6.5kg in vertical operation mode2
  • Power supply: 11.4V – 14.4V DC
  • Avg. current draw: 0.5A (at 12V DC)
  • Max. current draw: 1.1A (at 12V DC)
  • Battery operating time (7Ah kit battery)3: up to 14h

1 Max speed depends on the controller used and type/size of the drive wheel.
2 It is possible to increase the payload to 13 kg in vertical operation mode by adding the second servo motor unit.
3 Average working time under average payload, on a fully charged kit battery.

Compatible controllers

  • DitoGear™ OmniController
  • DitoGear™ Trito
  • DitoGear™ Evolution
  • DitoGear™ DragonBridge

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Drive wheel options

  • Ground/frition-based drive wheel
  • Rope pulley wheel
  • Geared traction belt wheel

Dimensions and weights

  • Modulo Dolly A, 1m kit: below 6 kg
  • Servo motor unit: 1250 g
  • 1m track (pair of rods): 1350 g
  • 7Ah Battery: 151 × 65 × 95 mm, 2750 g

Parts weights

Part Weight
Accessories & cabling 0.8 kg
OmniController 0.3 kg
DitoGear™ Evolution 0.8 kg
7Ah Power Pack incl. charger 2.8 kg
Servo motor unit 1.25 kg
Track (1m, pair) 1.35 kg
Spreader 0.25 kg
End-block 0.25 kg
Bearing block + frame 0.65 kg
Trolley (full kit) 1.5 kg
Support feet (1pcs) 0.3 kg
Drive wheel under 0.1 kg

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