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DitoGear™ Modulo

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High stiffness configuration:
Part Reference Modulo Dolly A Modulo Dolly B
Bare Standard Evo Bare Standard Evo
Controllers & Electronics
DitoGear™ OmniController DGOC-RJ
OmniController 1/4″ Mounting Plate DGOC-MP
DitoGear™ Evolution Interface DGEVO-RJ
DitoGear™ Evolution Software DGEVO-RJ
Strap Accessory Holder (65cm) DGOC-AH-65
DitoGear™ Power Pack 7Ah DGA-PC-PP7-V2
DitoGear™ Cable Kit (1 Axis) DGA-PC-1AX
Servo Motor Unit DGMOD-SRV
Servo Motor Unit Traction Belt Rollers Set DGMOD-SRV-RL
Bearing Unit (Kit incl. Frame) DGMOD-BBL
Traction Belt Clamps Set DGMOD-TRB-CLMP
Traction Belt (1m) DG-TRBLT 5 2.5
Track (1m, pair of 15mm steel rods) DGMOD-TRCK-1M 2 2
Spreaders DGMOD-SPRD 3 5
End blocks DGMOD-ENDB
Trolley BasePlate DGMOD-TRL-BAS
Trolley Side Wheel Modules (2pcs) DGMOD-TRL-SDW
Support Rod 30cm 15mm (2pcs) DGMOD-RODS30
Modulo Support Feet DGMOD-SFP