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DitoGear™ Modulo

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Extreme portability
So large on location, so small in your luggage. Easily disassemble Modulo dolly and take it into your carry-on luggage. With less than 7kg of total kit weight Modulo can be taken easily to the most remote locations!
Extensible track
Adding track to Modulo dolly is simple and affordable. All you need is a pair of 1m steel rods and a support/spreader – all together less than 1.5kg/m. For heavy-duty operation or extreme precision applications you may need to double the amount of spreaders/supports.
Custom configurations
Buying into a Modulo system is like starting a journey. Get rolling with one of preconfigured packages such as 2 types of Dolly or a Rover. Extend your creativity adding multiple drive wheels to the Modulo motor block and attaching the servo motor unit to any devices that come into your mind – motorize your skateboard, build a cable dolly or a motorized table. Time to explore.
Various controllers
As every other DitoGear™ motion control device, Modulo can be used with any of our motion controllers, ranging from battlefield-tested OmniController to state-of-the art multiaxis wireless Evolution.

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Uncompromised precision
Why sacrifice precision for portability? Modulo meets the same, extreme performance precision standards as all other DitoGear™ motion control devices, such as OmniSlider, OmniHead or LensDrive. Digitally encoded servo motors and controllers we use allow for perfect motion repeatability and positioning precision below 0.1mm. Long story short, not only you get extremely smooth movements, but also you can successfully use Modulo for multi-pass shots or special effects.
Low Power Consumption
Modulo runs off any 12DC power source. Whether it’s an included 7Ah gel type battery, your favourite 3rd party professional video power source or even a set of AA Accus, you’ll be amazed with impressive power efficiency of this beauty.
Live action, TL & stopmotion
Modulo is suitable for working in any operation mode – use it as a manual, unmotorized dolly pushed by hand, control it with ease and precision with the joystick or program sophisticated live action, timelapse or stop motion shots using one of DitoGear™ motion controllers

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