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DitoGear™ MiniJib

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Multiple configurations
There are three possible configurations to use the MiniJib. You can use one or two DitoGear™ OmniHead Units to create a motorized jib or choose the unmotorized, manual option to increase the payload and operate it the traditional way. DitoGear™ MiniJib can also be mounted on sliders, dollies and other supports providing a 3/8″ threaded mount.  We recommend using Motorized MiniJib with DitoGear™ OmniSlider or T’rantula HD.
MiniJib default mounting option gives the possibility to mount the MiniJib directly on the OmniHead Unit or the Manual Operation Add-on.
The maximum MiniJib payload:

  • 7kg (15.4lbs) for motorized operation – MiniJib w/ one OmniHead
  • 4.1kg (9lbs) for MiniJib w/ two OmniHeads
  • 15kg (33lbs) for manual operation – MiniJib w/ Manual Operation Add-On

The maximum counterweight is 15kg (33lbs) and does not decrease the maximum payload above.

Manual operation
By default DitoGear™ MiniJib comes prepared for mounting on the DitoGear™ OmniHead.
Thanks to DitoGear™ MiniJib Manual Operation Add-on it is also possible to use the MiniJib manually, without the OmniHead. In such configuration it can be mounted on a tripod, 3rd-party slider, dolly or other supports.
stop-motion operation
DitoGear™ MiniJib is fully usable for time-lapse cinematography and stop-motion animation. You simply control it the same way as you do with other DitoGear™ devices. Real-time motorized operation is also possible at slow speeds, but due to inertia issues it is not recommended by DitoGear™.
Various controllers
As every other DitoGear™ motion control device, MiniJib can be used with any of our motion controllers, ranging from battlefield-tested OmniController to state-of-the art multiaxis wireless Evolution.
Controllers designed specifically to control DitoGear™ devices in real-time mode are suitable for the MiniJib, nevertheless due to stability issues it is not recommended by DitoGear™.

» Learn more about DitoGear™ Controllers.

and DMC-16 compatibility
Unleash the power of motion control for stop motion work with DitoGear™ DragonBridge & Dragonframe motion control software integration or use DitoGear™ DMC-16 Adapter & Dragonframe DMC-16 to operate in live action, timelapse and motion control modes.
So many new possibilities!
DitoGear Evolution
software compatibility
With DitoGear™ Evolution – a multi-axis keyframe-based motion control software this unit will be another block contributing to enormous creative possibilities of your multi-axis DitoGear™ motion control rig.
Arm lengths
The DitoGear™ MiniJib is available in two different lengths: 1.0m and 1.5m.