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DitoGear™ BD Slider

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Bundles Reference Bare BDController OmniController
DitoGear™ BD Controller DGBDC-RJ
DitoGear™ OmniController with 1/4″ Mounting Plate DGOC-RJ
Servo motor unit1 DGBD-SMU
Steel rods2 DGBD-SR-06
End blocks DGBD-ENDB
Traction belt DG-TRBLT
DitoGear™ Cable Kit (1 Axis) DGA-PC-1AX
RJ45 cable (3m) DGA-PC-RJ45-3
DitoGear™ AC/DC Power Adapter DGA-PC-ACDCPA
DitoGear™ Power Pack 7Ah3 DGA-PC-PP7-V2 Not included
DitoGear™ PowerBrick 15Ah3 DGA-PB Not included

1 Including: Servo motor, base plate, trolley & linear bearings
2 Choice of 0.6 / 1.0 / 1.5m
3 DitoGear™ Power Pack 7Ah and DitoGear™ PowerBrick 15Ah Li-ion are not included in BD Slider bundles.

Some of the image photographs on the DitoGear™ website may show the BDSlider with 3rd party accessories, such as camera, lenses, supports, quick release plates and similar, which are not supplied in the kit. Depending on your cameras and working style you may want to add a range of 3rd party accessories to get the most of the DitoGear™ motion control rig. Please refer to the table above to understand what’s supplied.