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As a creative person I am sure you know the excitement of starting a new journey.
I’ve been proud of being part of one that we started 5 years ago with Robert Paluch building DitoGear™ from the ground up. Together we’ve built a recognised brand that owes much of its success to your trust, whether you joined us during our earliest days or just recently.

With April, 1st 2016 (and it’s not an April Fool joke) I am leaving DitoGear™ to focus on my filmmaking career within Kizny Visuals and perhaps accept challenges of starting brand new ventures sooner than later.

There’s one more person that you know well – Natalia has been head of our customer support for a good few years being in charge of making you happy through our ups and downs. As much as you may miss Natalia, be sure that Magda will be of help for you taking over the support.

Remain assured DitoGear™ is in good hands with Robert and has a bright path ahead with future developments.

I would like to personally thank you for being part of DitoGear™ family and I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours.

Patryk Kizny