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DitoGear™ Modulo enters production and is already available for orders. The first batch ships no later than on March 9th!

What’s even cooler, we’re launching a special competition where you can win one of the ModuloDrive motor kits (Motor unit + OmniController + Accessories). Read more about it at the end of the post.

Precision meets portability

Modulo is the new, modular motion control system from DitoGear™. Yet another one? Indeed. This time, however, we leave so much to your imagination!

It’s time to get back to your childhood. Remember playing with tech toys and blocks to come up with all these amazing machines and constructions? Those days are back with DitoGear™ Modulo.

One motor block, multiple add-on parts and unlimited possibilities.

Design fundamentals

  1. DitoGear™ Modulo is truly portable and modular, whatever it takes.
  2. The ModuloDrive servo motor blocks are compact, strong and compatible with all existing motion controllers: OmniController, Trito, DragonBridge and Evolution!
  3. Even the ModuloDrive motor blocks are modular. Replace the drive wheels at the motor shaft easily with a rope/cable pulley, traction belt gear or a drive/friction wheel.
  4. Modulo can be configured as 1-axis system or multiaxis system depending on your creativity and can be extended by adding OmniHead or any 3rd party pan/tilt head.
  5. Combine the system with 3rd party accessories thanks to design that is based on 15mm rods and are ¼” threaded holes almost everywhere.
  6. Modulo can run as a motion controlled unit or as a traditional, plain pushed by hand dolly or table dolly.

Out-of the box configurations

DitoGear™ Modulo comes as separate parts, or in one of preconfigured packages, such as:

  1. Modulo Dolly A (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the end block)
  2. Modulo Dolly B (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the trolley)
  3. Rover  (does not need a track, runs on a flat surface).

Packages include either old and good OmniController or latest state-of-the-art DitoGear™ Evolution.

Some more creativity?

It’s time to geek out! DitoGear™ Modulo is meant for playing, experimenting and reconfiguring basing on your imagination and needs.
Let’s have a look at some possible configurations:

  1. Motorized table (“skater”) dolly?
    No problem! Goes manually in a motor-free configuration as well if you like.
  2. Lightweight and modular slider/dolly?
    Finally! Easily configure Modulo as a modular slider/dolly using 15mm-standard rods-based track. Add multiple track modules as you go and easily take the tools on your next flight. Put the motor module on the trolley or on the end-block.
  3. Curved track? We made it an ill-posed problem. See #1 and have fun.
  4. Curved track again? OK, you have an indie-dolly with a curved track. A ModuloDrive unit, a bit of DIY and you have it motorized.
  5. Cable dolly with timelapse drives? Easily, just find good cable dolly and install ModuloDrive unit.
  6. Wanted to motorize your igus-based slider? Not a problem with ModuloDrive.
  7. Wanted to motorize your DIY dolly and you’re tired with all the hassle? Get a ModuloDrive and have fun using your hardware and existing super easy to use DitoGear™ motion controllers.

With modulo only your imagination puts the limits.


  1. Modulo Dolly A Bundle w/ motor on the end blocks, 1m track, OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 2,600.00
  2. Modulo Dolly A Bundle w/ motor on the end blocks, 1m track, DitoGear™ Evolution and accessories starting at ~ USD 3,500.00
  3. Modulo Rover Bundle with OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 1,750.00
  4. 1m Track Extension ~USD 150.00, extra spreaders ~USD 150.00/piece


DitoGear™ Modulo enters production. Order now and get it shipped off the first production batch by March 10th. Only 10 units available in the first run.

The Competition

We want to challenge your creativity!

Enjoy a bit of brainstorming and geeking and send us your design concept for most creative use of a ModuloDrive motor unit to win one of 3 DitoGear ModuloDrive kits!

Submit a design idea including drafts, pictures or videos documenting your idea of using DitoGear™ Modulo Drive motor unit with OmniController for creative filmmaking.

This can be anything that creatively uses the equipment: motorizing your skateboard, shoprring cart or any other 3rd party equipment or hardware, using ModuloDrive to move props, puppets, set design, control lights, move your grandma on a platform or make a coffe! Your idea may suggest additional acessories or add-ons that do not exist at the moment, but can be produced by DitoGear to make it possible!

Need to understand what’s possible? Read OmniController User Manual and check DitoGear™ Modulo Product Pages.


We’ll choose 1 to 3 winners, each of them will get a ModuloDrive kit including: DitoGear™ ModuloDrive, OmniController, Power Pack & Accessories (or a discount for chosen Modulo Bundle).


  1. We value the most most refined and creative, executable ideas for using DitoGear™ ModuloDrive for creative filmmaking.
  2. Design concepts need to be posted as comments at Do not use Facebook comments for that.
  3. Posts need to follow the format: Name of the design concept, short description, links to external media, your credentials.
  4. Add your media (sketches, ideas, videos or photos) to any image/video public hosting service on the web (Flickr, picassa, instagram, Vimeo, youtube etc…) and include the links.
  5. Tweet or post on Facebook exactly the following: “I’ve just submitted my idea for extra creative use of @DitoGear Modulo! Submit yours to win a DitoGear ModuloDrive!”.
  6. If we get multiple entries with essentially the same idea, we’ll take the first one unless there’s another one submitted later that is significantly more refined, better presented or documented.
  7. Winning ideas may get into production as product extensions or accessories. By accepting the prize you agree to that and grant us rights to use the concept to extend the product.
  8. Deadline for submissions is 2013 March 17th, 23:59:59 CET.

Good luck!