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DitoGear™ Modulo enters production and is already available for orders. The first batch ships no later than on March 9th!

What’s even cooler, we’re launching a special competition where you can win one of the ModuloDrive motor kits (Motor unit + OmniController + Accessories). Read more about it at the end of the post.

Precision meets portability

Modulo is the new, modular motion control system from DitoGear™. Yet another one? Indeed. This time, however, we leave so much to your imagination!

It’s time to get back to your childhood. Remember playing with tech toys and blocks to come up with all these amazing machines and constructions? Those days are back with DitoGear™ Modulo.

One motor block, multiple add-on parts and unlimited possibilities.

Design fundamentals

  1. DitoGear™ Modulo is truly portable and modular, whatever it takes.
  2. The ModuloDrive servo motor blocks are compact, strong and compatible with all existing motion controllers: OmniController, Trito, DragonBridge and Evolution!
  3. Even the ModuloDrive motor blocks are modular. Replace the drive wheels at the motor shaft easily with a rope/cable pulley, traction belt gear or a drive/friction wheel.
  4. Modulo can be configured as 1-axis system or multiaxis system depending on your creativity and can be extended by adding OmniHead or any 3rd party pan/tilt head.
  5. Combine the system with 3rd party accessories thanks to design that is based on 15mm rods and are ¼” threaded holes almost everywhere.
  6. Modulo can run as a motion controlled unit or as a traditional, plain pushed by hand dolly or table dolly.

Out-of the box configurations

DitoGear™ Modulo comes as separate parts, or in one of preconfigured packages, such as:

  1. Modulo Dolly A (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the end block)
  2. Modulo Dolly B (1 – 5m, extensible track, ModuloDrive on the trolley)
  3. Rover  (does not need a track, runs on a flat surface).

Packages include either old and good OmniController or latest state-of-the-art DitoGear™ Evolution.

Some more creativity?

It’s time to geek out! DitoGear™ Modulo is meant for playing, experimenting and reconfiguring basing on your imagination and needs.
Let’s have a look at some possible configurations:

  1. Motorized table (“skater”) dolly?
    No problem! Goes manually in a motor-free configuration as well if you like.
  2. Lightweight and modular slider/dolly?
    Finally! Easily configure Modulo as a modular slider/dolly using 15mm-standard rods-based track. Add multiple track modules as you go and easily take the tools on your next flight. Put the motor module on the trolley or on the end-block.
  3. Curved track? We made it an ill-posed problem. See #1 and have fun.
  4. Curved track again? OK, you have an indie-dolly with a curved track. A ModuloDrive unit, a bit of DIY and you have it motorized.
  5. Cable dolly with timelapse drives? Easily, just find good cable dolly and install ModuloDrive unit.
  6. Wanted to motorize your igus-based slider? Not a problem with ModuloDrive.
  7. Wanted to motorize your DIY dolly and you’re tired with all the hassle? Get a ModuloDrive and have fun using your hardware and existing super easy to use DitoGear™ motion controllers.

With modulo only your imagination puts the limits.


  1. Modulo Dolly A Bundle w/ motor on the end blocks, 1m track, OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 2,600.00
  2. Modulo Dolly A Bundle w/ motor on the end blocks, 1m track, DitoGear™ Evolution and accessories starting at ~ USD 3,500.00
  3. Modulo Rover Bundle with OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 1,750.00
  4. 1m Track Extension ~USD 150.00, extra spreaders ~USD 150.00/piece


DitoGear™ Modulo enters production. Order now and get it shipped off the first production batch by March 10th. Only 10 units available in the first run.

The Competition

We want to challenge your creativity!

Enjoy a bit of brainstorming and geeking and send us your design concept for most creative use of a ModuloDrive motor unit to win one of 3 DitoGear ModuloDrive kits!

Submit a design idea including drafts, pictures or videos documenting your idea of using DitoGear™ Modulo Drive motor unit with OmniController for creative filmmaking.

This can be anything that creatively uses the equipment: motorizing your skateboard, shoprring cart or any other 3rd party equipment or hardware, using ModuloDrive to move props, puppets, set design, control lights, move your grandma on a platform or make a coffe! Your idea may suggest additional acessories or add-ons that do not exist at the moment, but can be produced by DitoGear to make it possible!

Need to understand what’s possible? Read OmniController User Manual and check DitoGear™ Modulo Product Pages.


We’ll choose 1 to 3 winners, each of them will get a ModuloDrive kit including: DitoGear™ ModuloDrive, OmniController, Power Pack & Accessories (or a discount for chosen Modulo Bundle).


  1. We value the most most refined and creative, executable ideas for using DitoGear™ ModuloDrive for creative filmmaking.
  2. Design concepts need to be posted as comments at Do not use Facebook comments for that.
  3. Posts need to follow the format: Name of the design concept, short description, links to external media, your credentials.
  4. Add your media (sketches, ideas, videos or photos) to any image/video public hosting service on the web (Flickr, picassa, instagram, Vimeo, youtube etc…) and include the links.
  5. Tweet or post on Facebook exactly the following: “I’ve just submitted my idea for extra creative use of @DitoGear Modulo! Submit yours to win a DitoGear ModuloDrive!”.
  6. If we get multiple entries with essentially the same idea, we’ll take the first one unless there’s another one submitted later that is significantly more refined, better presented or documented.
  7. Winning ideas may get into production as product extensions or accessories. By accepting the prize you agree to that and grant us rights to use the concept to extend the product.
  8. Deadline for submissions is 2013 March 17th, 23:59:59 CET.

Good luck!

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15 Comments to “Precision meets portability. Order Modulo. Win a ModuloDrive!”

  1. Underwater timelapse gear
    I have always wanted to make timelapses underwater with camera movement. There is not so much underwater gear for this or it is very expensive. I want to make timelapses using longer lines on the surface and underwater camera to the line.

  2. The Modu-Flex-System
    a DIY filmmaker tool box
    Beeing flexible – and motorized
    my Equipment has to be versatile,
    i cant afford spending money on numerous various systems,
    i cant afford carrying a huge load of equipment with me,
    i need a sytem that can operate as a motorized slider, wether upside down, mounted verticaly, right up in the air, or above the water surface – it has to be easy and fast to set up but also easy to disasemble for carrying in a trecking back pack.

    The other aspect of a variable system should be that i can use it as a Camera Jib on my tripod – with the omni motor finally i could add a horizontal rotating remotable motor to the jib – combined with a wire tilt function i have a fully adjustable crane.

    The motor itself has to be easy to dettach from the jib or the slider so i can switch between those – in addition i could use this omni-motor to build a remote controllable cable-cam-system for mountain bike filming. Here my Visualiced concept – it is not going into too much detail, because everyone should do it somehow with things he can afford, or are easier to get for people in other locations –

    By posting this i, Florian Klaes (21 years)declare myself to agree the named terms for this contest.

    • almost forgot – iam a trainee for media design for vision and sound in the second of three years, planning on studying animation – 2d/3d – compositing

  3. ken says:

    Automated 3D Product Photos/Videos
    When I read “digital servo control”, that was the first thing I thought of. An Evolution or DragonBridge would be more useful than your OmniController unless you guys added a USB port to the OmniController so it could be controlled by a smartphone (it could have at least has a USB/serial port controller on it for thing so connect to)-:

    People need more visual media selling products online and repeatable setups for product shots aren’t that easy for non-technical people. Add a circular track and the Modulodrive and you could automate product shots and even do 3D stills with a single camera if you really get as much accuracy as claimed on your product pages. You can also do 3D video rotate arounds of a product w/ a 3D camcorder.

    Sorry this isn’t cinefilm related though you can use the same concept to scan objects for VFX use :-)

    Credentials: software developer during the day, former chip designer/embedded developer in another career, photographer on weekends

  4. Sam Edwards says:

    The DitoGear Modulo Vertimax dolly:

    The dolly will have an underside track is that modular and can be removed or folded under the topside track and re-attached at either end for support in different environments.

    The underside track can also swing out 360 degrees to provide stabilisation support for the vertical configuration.

    The dolly can now move vertically in either direction allowing for a greater variety of tracking or jibbing shots.

    Wheels on the underside track permit more accurate re positioning & also allow the dolly to be used manually. These can also be motorised to push out the top track and effectively double its range.
    A fold out L-bracket allows the camera to be mounted vertically.

    My name is Sam Edwards, I am a 29 year old freelance cinematographer from London.

    By posting this i agree the named terms for this contest.

  5. As a scuba diver and an avid timelapse photographer, I have been tackling with underwater timelapse and all the problems it brings into an already complicated timelapse photography.

    So, for a while now I have been thinking about creating a timelapse shot where the camera starts underwater during the daylight hours and slowly comes out on a slider to reveal a night scene outside of the water – preferably a moonlit night. Or even better, the other way around – start outside and slowly sink in.

    For this to work the water depth would need to be shallow, no more than 1 meter. With larger depth, I suppose and extension track would need to be added.

    It could only be done in ponds or lakes on a very, very still day. I would probably avoid sea water, because the salt would not play well with the metal parts.

    The slider would have to be secured at an angle and of course, all the electronics would have to be outside of the water, safe and secure. Also, to make the underwater scene interesting, it would be great to have some crab, fish, or something else actually moving. But even if that’s not possible, the sunrays themselves would do the trick.

    I already own a professional underwater housing, so that covers it! I also know a perfect location for this: National Park Plitvice in Croatia. It’s a place with excellent underwater visibility, beautiful waterfalls and untouched nature.

    Check out the illustration for the shoot:

    and Plitvice:

    and here’s me getting ready to take some underwater photos:

  6. Modulo-spyder

    Well, the idea is not THAT new, and Florian has already posted something similar. BUT: The details make the difference, so here we go:

    We all know the spidercams from football stadions or the olympic games. The modulo spyder uses the same idea, but is much more flexible, mostly for outside shootings. My concept requires only very little setup, but can be places nearly everywhere. You just have to strain two wires across a variable distance and fix them eg on two trees. Keep the under pressure and you’re able to place your modulo system with optional heads into it. You’re able to realize long distance shots from high above the ground, vertical or diagonal camera movements with additional pan & tilt by the omnihead. System can be used normal or upside down.

    With an easy to setup cable crossing system there’s enough pressure on the wheels to let the system climb up. The tree mount is a simple metal plate within a flexible strap you put around the tree and fix it (the tree won’t be damaged!!). Tighten it on the other side and you’re ready to go!

    All you need is
    - modified Modulo matching to cables
    - cables
    - optional omniheads

    (sorry for the bad sketch, I’m a DoP, not an illustrator)

    My name is Markus Haaser, 32y freelance DoP and creative artist from Hamburg, Germany. I agree to all terms of this competition!

  7. Oh, wait, got a better idea :-)


    Imagine a telescope camera crane as miniature with a cart mounted under the camera. Basically that’s it.

    Put your camera onto a omnihead (or normal tripod head), but it on a stable tripod w wheels under it, place another tripod few feet away, put a modulo on that tripod, connect both with an expandable pipe module and a wire. Now you can use the modulo for bringing the camera back to it which wil give you quite a nice motion, especially when shooting timelapse.

    Why not mounting the tripod directly onto the modulo and forget about the pipes? Well, first you can ad some friction to the pipes by a simple knob, so you can also use the system down a hill. Second, it will be much more stable because it is leaded. Third, you’re not putting all the weight on the modulo, so it only has to carry a camera and a small tripod (otherwise you’d have much more stuff to move which means shorter battery power, need for more powerfull motors etc).

    By using a monopod you’re also able to put the leaded cart behind the camera, which means no problem with wide angle lenses (no “feet” in the picture). You can adjust the height of both tripods or only one easily which makes shoots from 0,30 – 1,5m height possible. Put the camera on a little boat or sth to let it float over water.

    Put an omnihead on the leaded cart and you’re able to shoot moving images while moving the camera. Basically it’s the same motion as you would get with a slider, BUT: behind or in front of you, depending of in which direction you move the camera, is no slider! So it appears to the viewer as if the camera is flying through the air. You can get similar pictures with a jib, but try to use it in small hallways…

    And for timelapse stuff you’ll have controllable speed. Yeah!

    - Tripod with modulo mounted on it
    - Modulo modified as a calble pull
    - extendable pipes (length by your choise) with friction
    - a cable
    - cart with monopod / tripod on it / swimming “thing”
    - head or omnihead

    (sorry for the bad sketch, I’m a DoP, not an illustrator)

    My name is Markus Haaser, 32y freelance DoP and creative artist from Hamburg, Germany. I agree to all terms of this competition!

  8. alexy frangieh says:

    please i would like to know, the price of a modulo, with an omnihead, as well as the zoom focus controllers, and control unit for ipad, is it possible to sync them all?

    i saw the kits but they seemed somehow ambigous for me.

    thank you

    • Patryk Kizny says:

      It all depend on which version of DitoGear™ Modulo you want and the legnth.
      Send us a bit more information to info@ and we’ll be happy to put together a quote for you.

  9. Pablo Azocar says:

    Name: Animalapse

    Here’s my idea about a creative use of the modulo drive.
    It’s a mixture of timelapse photography, video and animation. mixing a couple of already made ideas / proyects.

    The idea is to use a wall or another surface to project already made animations, and do a timelapse of that, mixing the movement of the animation with the movement of the timelase.

    1st you record a timelapse of the wall or surface to use, with a simple dolly movement. Then use that photos (every frame) to draw the animation that goes on top, using the forms and volumes of the wall (holes or any other imperfections) to add more textures to the animation, similar to what was used for Amon tobin presentation.

    Amon Tobin

    Then, using a video proyector and a photo camera, record a second timelapse, but now projecting the previously made animation on the wall, so the final video will be mixing timelapse movement (including stars or clouds) and the animation.
    Similar to what the artist BLU does, but with a more smooth timelapse movement.


    Some very simply bluprints of the idea here.

    My name is Pablo Azocar, you can see some of my work on my website, I can’t post any more links.

  10. Toms Burans says:


    I study animation at Janis Rozentals Riga Art high school in Riga, Latvia.
    This is my graduate year and i am working on a stop motion short.
    (A sneak peak –

    Here are some ideas how Modulo would make my life a lot easier –

    It is basically a customizable frame you can use to build your kinetic set around.
    It can be used to simulate camera movement, animate the decorations or characters.

    I think there is a great potential for this kind of motorized stop motion stage.

    This one is similar to what Markus suggested, but more refined.

    Kinetic bird sculptures

    This is an idea for contemporary sculptures that could be placed in an urban environment.

    If their wings moved very slowly it would result in a very cool time lapse scene, where the urban city background would move very fast and chaotic opposed to the birds (representing balance and peace).

  11. Kamil Kasperowicz says:

    Hello, i’ve got two ideas:

    The first one is connect modulo motor with gray filter circular NDX400 to control the amount of light. The idea is to do time lapse of sunset with a part of day (with exposure time 30 seconds – blurry clounds or sea) to night (with exposure time 30 seconds – sharp stars, modulo could be use to smoothly change amount of light.

    And the secound one is use modulo to automatize human crane. On the helmet is small crane with gopro hero. The camera smoothly rotates around man. This is link to project:

    My name is Kamil Kasperowicz. I am snowboarder, video amateur and rozkminiacz. I agree to all terms of this competition.

  12. A long track and a fast motor could be an interesting rig for slowmotion cinematography. Imagine a FS700 racing at 240fps towards the hero on a green screen, and then repeating the shot, slooooow, for a timelapse run of the background.
    I have this idea for a video that will pay tribute to teachers. They raise your childen, make them smart. This rig will make them heros (in slowmotion) in their natural dynamic class locations (timelapse).

    Production name: ‘Here is to the teachers’
    Credentials: I’m a freelance filmmaker. Doing lots of time lapse, lens whacking, dollying, sliding and experimenting with every visual technology I come across.

  13. Isiah says:

    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am having troubles with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I cannot join it. Is there anybody else having identical RSS problems? Anybody who knows the solution will you kindly respond? Thanx!!