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Introducing DitoGear™ Animator Cube

We are thrilled to introduce DitoGear™ Animator Cube –  a multi-axis motion controlled cage for visual effects and stop motion animation. It allows to position and program camera moves without almost any limitations within the cage boundaries.

We are taking Pre Orders now. Introductory Price offers 10% discount.



Key features

  • Multiple axis: 5-axis or more
  • Ceiling positioning
  • Utmost precision
  • High-end durable build
  • DragonFrame compatibility
  • Stop-motion modes

What’s included

  • horizontal sliding grid (Axis1 + Axis2)
  • vertical slider (Axis3)
  • 1x OmniHead
  • ceiling mounting pillars
  • DragonBridge or DMC-16 Adapter
  • cabling and power supply

Additional Accessories

  • Dragonframe DMC-16 with software
  • LensDrive (to control zoom or focus)

Technical specifications

Minimum speed: no limits 
Maximum speed (horizontal): 125 mm/s
Maximum speed (vertical): 17 mm/s
Positioning precision: 0.001mm = 1 000 000 steps/m
Maximum payload: 12kg       
Power supply: 12VDC
Assembled size: 2990mm x 3100mm x 985mm (the biggest size possible, we can customize to a smaller size)
Axis 1,2 length: 2500mm
Axis 3 length: 600mm

Who will benefit?

DitoGear™ Animator Cube will be specifically appreciated by animators and animation studios. Animator Cube allows great stop motion productions.

Introductory Pricing Terms

  1. The discount of 10% is already added to DitoGear™ Animator Cube.
  2. This special is not cumulative with any other codes or discounts.
  3. Payment must be cleared before 2017/03/31, 23:59:59 GMT.
  4. Orders will be shipped successively, according to the date of the payment clearance.