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DitoGear High Speed Motion Control

We are excited to introduce two new products:

  • DitoGear™ Trinity – high speed arm
  • DitoGear™Morpheus – high speed slider

We are taking Pre Orders now. Introductory Price offers 30% discount.



They both introduce a new line of high speed gear, with a high speed head to follow next year.



They can be purchased and used separately or in a combo. They are affordable alternative to high end similar systems. The best advantage, beside high speed, is an option to connect external triggers. The system will let users to plan, synchronize and repeat shots.

Accessories for DitoGear™ Trinity and DitoGear™Morpheus will include:

  • robotic arms
  • triggers for releasing liquids, gases and powder
  • systems for mounting cameras

Key Features

  • Camera triggering synchronized with motion control
  • High speed
  • Repeatable shots
  • Fraction of price of high end products with similar effect


DitoGear-Trinity-BTS-06 (1)

DitoGear-Triggers-02 (1)

Tech specs

DitoGear™ Trinity

  • Maximum speed: 1s/360°
  • Spinning arm length: 110 cm
  • Table plate diameter: 50cm  (mounting holes allow to mount bigger plate)
  • Maximum table payload: 100kg (220lb)


  • Maximum speed: 4m/1s
  • Slider length: 3m

Who may benefit?

DitoGear™ high speed products will be specially appreciated by commercial industry. Trinity and Morpheus allows great product videos and product shots.


Both products have introductory prices and are reduced from standard price by 30%.