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A few days ago we headed for a short trip to test out the first prototype of the DitoGear PortaSlider which is a new, modular timelapse slider dedicated to entry-level an professional timelapse shooters.

We wanted to check how the concepts worked and gave a hard-testing run to the new product. With a total of 14 one-meter track units and 2 trolley designs to test out we had a lot of fun! This is probably the longest timelapse slider track ever built! The track joints seem to work flawlessly and really precisely even on such long track. The trolley need some refinements and this week we’re going to test out a new, improved design.

Preparing for shots with a 14 meter track takes some time, but it is definitely worth effort giving a whole bunch of new creative shooting possibilities.

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3 Comments to “Testing of the DitoGear™ Porta Slider prototypes.”

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  2. Daniel says:

    Slider – great, location – great and also the making of: very nice done!!!

  3. Ed says:

    Wow, awesome track.

Comments from

  1. wow that's a pretty long slider :)
    love the shots inside the castle

  2. great concept patryk. i realy can imagin a move vertically upwards on a building facade.

  3. agree with the comment above, the shots inside the castle are great!

  4. great work!

  5. 14m! :O

  6. So cool Patryk, great idea with great results!

  7. Ben says:

    Very cool! Nice long movement.

  8. We thought about it too! suction caps adapters are in progress :)

  9. Thanks! This is just a making of showing the 14m testing, but on that trip we did also a lot of crane shots. A non making of short film from that trip is on its way!

  10. Thanks!

  11. Technically there are no limits if you want to go even with 200m. Only stock levels at suppliers kept us away from that :)

  12. ILLYCH says:

    Well done, I wish you successful test!

  13. Worth all the freezing!

  14. impressive work!_ _!

  15. dude! awesome man. would love to shoot a 25ft moco timelapse here in Los Angeles. great work!! excited to see what comes next.

  16. You're more then welcome. But 15m is not that portable nor affordable :) It is only a standard lengths that come at low price level. Drop us a line and you'll get some units off the first batch!

  17. Looks great, how long did it take to set up the track?

  18. SE3ONDS says:

    Great idea. Have you also been thinking about a curved system?!

  19. A few hours for the initial setup, then it is much easier as you can move it in parts. But it is a prototype and it is all sort of new for us. Will be much faster with practice.

  20. No, it won't be needed with the next development we have in plans. Confidential so far :)

  21. dobra robota, przyjrzymy sie waszym produktom :)

  22. Very Cool. Opens up all sorts of prospects.

  23. Amazing Patryk ¡14 meters!

    You're always keep on doing things man :-)

  24. Cool idea - amazing what can be done with these Igus parts!

  25. These long track lapses are really cool.

  26. Jarek says:

    Very motivating!!! Pozdrawiam i bardzo się cieszę że Polscy artyści wyznaczają nowy szlak w technice timelapse. Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem. Gratuluję.

  27. This is Awesome!!!

  28. Great job again Patryck, I have a slider video coming out soon and I hope I can be at least 10% as good as yours.

  29. ViktorM says:

    Jak video na kawalek ajzda.Nie skakać?

  30. What are you guys using as a drive motor? Im trying to make my own track and I'm stuck on the motor part.

  31. Świetna robota ! Dałem newsa na swojej stronie :)
    Fajnie, że w Polsce ktoś potrafi zrobić ciekawe timelapse :)

  32. Really like it, when is out?

  33. Preorders are already open. Shipping starts by May 1st.

  34. Schwiercu says:

    Nice, great work Patryk !


  35. Very cool!

  36. Man, you guys are blessed by stunning locations. What a beautiful country and awesome slider.

  37. i wanna

  38. dobry až na ty občasný drcnutí na spojnici kolejí :)