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Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010

Check this short timelapse film shot by Patryk Kizny on a pre-production units of a DitoGear™ Slider during the Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010 where DitoGear team had an opportunity to do some serious testing of the slider.

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3 Comments to “Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010”

  1. lovely lovely film thanks

  2. Shashank Jadhav says:

    Hi folks!

    Amazing slider performance. Supperb!
    what camera were used for recording?


Comments from

  1. That was magic, amazing! Looks like you have some fantastic gear there, and the talent to use it.

  2. Thank you Sybren! Glad you like it.

  3. Brother - I'm blown away - fantastic job! Would love to pick your brain sometime. Keep up the fabulous work. Cheers!

  4. Exceptional work that's simply amazing! well done Patryk! :) Love the equipment and timelapses throughout, the universe is just 'awe'!

  5. Thanks!

  6. What can I say, Paco? Keep up the fabulous work! It's my pleasure to be involved :)

  7. rudy says:

    i like so much very Great job ;-)

  8. Really awesome! Amazing work!!

  9. Wow Patryk, that was amazing. Can't wait to see more of your work.

  10. nice work with the HD channel bro! sick shots in here. the telescope shots are rad. its a great subject mixed with a gorgeous setting instead of just the traditional cloudscape shots!

  11. Beautiful imagery combined with amazing deep space colours Patryk!

    Well done

  12. Those first few shots were unreal. Was that HDR timelapse?

  13. Amazing movie. What would be the aperture time of the deep night shots and the numbers of shot per minute?
    The colored fogs looks great.

  14. Congratulations Patric, you are on Vimeo's first page today:)

  15. killer. what camera?

  16. 5D, 7D, 550D, 30D & 50D

  17. Erik Vaet says:


  18. Great work.. love the visuals!

  19. Laurent says:

    very nice

  20. Whaou ! Congratulations ! Time lapse + HDR : excellent ; Time lapse at night : first time I saw that ; Time lapse with stars : superb ! Very good job ! Prepare to be copied (plagiarized)...

  21. Excellent work!

  22. Dzenkuye bardzo !
    You maybe even captured an image of God in the sky !

  23. Fantastic

  24. Byliśmy kiedyś w Jodłowie, dzięki za przypomnienie.
    Pozdrawiam z Wrocławia

  25. Wow! Congratulations, Paco! Edward is right ;)

  26. Wow!!! Time lapse and HDR.
    Two of my favotirtes and at the same time.
    Amazing movie.

  27. A very nice piece of high quality work well done all.

  28. Thank you so much! I am very pleased you like it. Thanks for watching!

  29. Uhlo says:

    incredibly awesome!

  30. Poco Loco says:

    Love it :) another great movie.. looking forward to seeing more work from you.

  31. You guys are amazing!

  32. Wow... totally awesome!!

  33. Nice video... this is a very inspiring website... is there a way to network here on vimeo to help come up with a viral video for my price comparison website?

  34. Elektra says:

    I love this type of music!
    And the video is really good..amazing ;)

  35. 16mm on FF, 30s ISO 3200

  36. MILapse says:

    Been doing it since 2007... ;-)

  37. Congratulation from Madrid!!!!
    This video is very very god!!! Excelent work my friend !

  38. Dan Pham says:

    I am in awe! definitely makes me feel cool to be an astrophotographer now!

  39. Gratulacje....!!!
    Oby coraz więcej nas Polaków trafiało na wysokie półki w Vimeo...:)))

  40. Dziękuję bardzo!

  41. Damn that was amazing. Great job!

  42. Waow! Really unbelievable. I really like the trails us did and the night, you can see all the stars, i wish to have that chance. Well Great JOB!

  43. That's awesome! The best part is showing the clouds being disbursed. I love how determined the amateur astronomers look despite the clouds during the day. I finally have my equipment for astrophotography, so I look forward for star parties like this.

  44. Nillerus says:

    Amazing. It feels like the sky is about to swallow you up. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful shots.

    What gear did you use to move the cameras so slowly?

  45. Fabulous!
    Thank's a lot for impressions!

  46. In this page, your Facebook is incorrect :​lookycreatve
    the 'i' is missing.

    Wishing you a nice day.

  47. Thanks!

  48. Bron Moyi says:

    The HDR timelapse was something i'd never seen! Well done!

  49. Fantastic video and music - really enjoyed that :)

  50. great vid pat......more plz

  51. Really nice video, cant wait to see another one ;)

  52. Amazing! One of the best videos I've seen! Great work!

  53. FIKFILM says:

    Gratuluję i podziwiam za cierpliwość przy realizacji!

  54. Superb. Well done. As webmaster, astrophotographer and amateur film lover, this is a fantastic way you've documented your star party. You've inspired me. :)

  55. Don Burns says:

    great stuff!

  56. Amazing and inspirational. Beautiful work.

  57. Outstanding! Congratulations.

  58. Great stuff !

  59. Beautiful.

  60. amazing

  61. Thanks! Please share it with the others!

  62. Z Man says:

    There is some amazing work out there. This is what amazing inspires to be. Out of this world. Congratulations!

  63. one day i have to go to an astro party event 8-)



  64. Excellent, thanks for sharing!

  65. Great stuff. REALLY well done.


  66. Visually amazing. Music great.

    I wonder if you fixed your camera to one of those motorised telescopes that followed the stars and did a time lapse, then the star would stay still while the Earth would revolve around it, the opposite of a normal time lapse.

  67. Wow!

  68. Great video. I love how you capture the culture behind the event by showing everyone setting up the telescopes. It is also revealing to show the setup behind the time-lapse telescope shots. I am just getting into time-lapse and have not viewed any other time-lapse sequences as seen through an artistic telescope's eye -- great work! What ISO do you use for the telescope shots?

  69. Thanks! It was probably 800 on a Canon 30D.

  70. wdj says:

    great hdr timelapse shots!

  71. Nice star and space shots. Do you know which are the telescopes?
    Great work!

  72. Loved it. Exceptional work, All the best brother.