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DitoGear™ OmniController

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Latest firmware

Currently shipped version
  • Linear & Angular: OC140901
  • MotionKit: OC140901MOCO
  • Cinevate: OC140901CV

Release notes


  • Increased resolution of speed chart (5-fold).
  • Improved low speeds performance.
  • Added analog joystick control function. Joystick covers the entire range from zero to the set maximum speed.
  • Increased resolution of potentiometers(5-fold).
  • Integrated linear and angular software.
  • Fixed bugs in timelapse mode for times longer than 4 days.
  • Added shutter control style.
  • Added speed factor parameter.
  • Improved display of maximum speed.
  • Fixed issues with small jerks at the beginning of motion playback in realtime, slow motion, stop motion and timelapse.
  • Fixed issues with predefined travel lengths of the devices.
  • Fixed a bug with the first step in stop motion mode.
  • Added battery type.
  • Added loop mode in slow motion mode
    (factor set to 1).


OS130401LIRJ Firmware flavour: Linear

  • Added Modulo Dolly to the devices list.
  • Added Modulo Rover to the devices list.
  • Fixed issues with shaking ride in timelapse DSD recorded motion.
  • Fixed issues with displayed messages in the calibration mode. The actual message depends on the state of the selected device and mirror options.
  • Added shutter release in realtime playback and slow motion for synchronization with external devices.
OS130303LIRJ Firmware flavour: Linear

  • Fixed the issue with camera taking a picture in bad times in timelapse DSD mode.
  • Fixed bugs with OmniController sounds in timelapse countinous mode.The sound is present during triggering when the sounds mode is set to “All”.
  • Calibration message modification due to change of the low-level motor controller PCB in OmniSlider Stepper.
  • Sync release added to realtime playback and slow motion. This can be used to synchronize to an external system or to release the next OmniController. OmniControllers can be connected in cascade with no need of the Synchro Button.
OS130302LIRJ Firmware flavour: Linear

  • Matched software with new RJ connectors and changed trigger system. The optical isolation is now in the BreakOut Box.
  • Deleted ‘Porta’ and ‘Hoist’ from settings.
130301ANRJ Firmware flavour: Angular

  • Matched software with new RJ connectors and changed trigger system. The optical isolation is now in the BreakOut Box.
  • Fixed the OmniHead ratio from 358 degrees into 360 degrees indicated by the OmniController.
  • Fixed a bug with positioning of the starting point in recording.
130201CVRJ Firmware flavour: Cinevate devices

  • Made from the linear firmware.
  • Inability to enter custom pulses.
  • Inability to select other devices.
  • Added a list of predefined lengths suitable for Cinevate devices.
  • Matched software with new RJ connectors and changed trigger system. The optical isolation is now in the BreakOut Box.
12.09.01.A Firmware flavour: Angular

  • Fixed the issue with trolley not getting back to the home position in motion playback (back home option).
  • Audible signal can now be switched off when alarm sounds are set to “Off” in settings.
12.09.01.L Firmware flavour: Linear

  • Fixed the issue with trolley not getting back to the home position in motion playback (back home option).
  • Audible signal can now be switched off when alarm sounds are set to “Off” in settings.
  • Sync audio signal emitted on playback start can now be turned off by selecting ‘valid’ or ‘all’ options in audio signals settings.
  • Fixed homing issues – now home position is saved to non-volatile memory.
  • Changed EPROM memory addressing.
  • A CPU changed.
  • Connections for analog channels changed.
12.03.01.D Firmware flavour: Angular

  • Improved slow speeds performance.
  • LensDrive based on 200 resolution encoder is now available in predefined devices list.
12.01.04 Firmware flavour: Angular

  • Changed all linear values to degrees.
  • Added LensDrive and OmniHead to predefined devices list.
  • Fixed motion playback issue with the trolley doing 2mm move on the beginning of playback. The problem still occurs occasionally, but it’s very rare. Starting the recording from the home position also eliminates the problem.
  • Build considered as a release version.
  • Fixed the bug with mirror feature.
  • Build considered as a release version.
  • Revised predefined lengths of OmniSlider tracks.
  • Custom length is now in m and cm units. Milimeters removed.
  • Added position readout in stop motion ‘distance mode – next step’.
  • Fixes in DSD mode performance.
  • Fixed an issue with different predefined lengths for OmniSlider Servo and Stepper.
  • Fixed bugs with movement from home position.
  • Fixed bugs with taking a step in stop motion mode from the last position.
  • Revised movement lengths in stop-motion mode.
  • Fixed audible signals issues.
  • Fixed a bug with 0 factor in stop motion mode.
  • Fixed bugs with screen flashing on entering sub menus.
  • Fixed a bug with small jerk at the end of motion playback.
  • Fixed a bug with audible signals settings not being stored in memory.
  • Fixed a bug with strange characters in length settings after selecting a different device type (default length is set to 1m after the device change).
  • Fixed a bug with malfunction of emergency stop in motion recording.
  • Fixed a bug with the trolley moving itself unwanted after re-entering free ride mode.
  • Fixed a bug with movement crashing in the GoTo mode.
  • Fixed a bug with screen dimming while dials set to 0.
  • Fixed a bug with back home feature in stop motion mode.
  • Added a position readout in stop motion mode.
  • Added a list of predefined devices.
  • Added an automatic screen light-up after moving one of the dials.
  • Added a visual screen flash on playback start for syncing purposes.
  • Minor improvements in UI alerts.
  • Safe mode and reset to factory defaults feature added.
  • Firmware code rewritten.
  • Beta release.
  • Added a safe mode (not reading values on start up).


  • Bugfixes in motion recording and back home feature.
  • Bugfixes in continuous timelapse mode.
  • Two software versions, one for new PCB and another for old PCB with different battery level readouts.
  • Deep changes in timelapse mode.
  • Added separation of variables in timelapse mode.
  • Rewritten from scratch continuous timelapse mode basing on the DSD mode.
  • Fixed issue with skipping frames in continuous time lapse mode.
  • Moved the readout of recorded path to playback menus.
  • Speed is based on the predefined values stored in a table, max speed limited by the factor of 2 (fast mode not introduced yet).
  • CPU clocking changed.
  • Fixes in the software related to clocking changes.
  • Firmware for the new low-level controller PCB.
  • Changed power voltage measurement method.
  • Improved motion control precision to 0.1mm.
  • Fixed a bug with looping after passing the calibration limit in manual length calibration mode.
  • Changes in free ride/video mode – 00% values correspond now to no movement and no dampening.
  • Added position readout on the main screen in timelapse, video, recording and playback modes.
  • Fixed a “Dump” > “Damp” typo.
  • Added Set home position and Back to home position features.
  • Fixed a bug with camera not taking pictures on joystick or dial movement.
  • Removed an influence of speed dampening on a speed in several modes.
  • Smoother motion in free ride mode.
  • Added UI alerts indicating termination of operation in a certain mode.
  • Added dial readouts on the main screen.

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