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Spotlight #22 The Third Eye by Kamil Piechowiak

This time we are sharing an outstanding timelapse film about Marocco by Kamil Piechowiak. Enjoy!

Spotlight #21 Thomas Beckmann & Thomas Herget

Learn more about an inspiring infrared and monochrome time-lapse project by Thomas Beckmann & Thomas Herget.

Spotlight #20 Rebirth by Patryk Kizny

This time we are sharing an experimental project by Patryk Kizny. “Rebirth” is a philosophical story of human desire for transcendence and a Faustian dream of achieving immortality through creation at a symbolic level.

Spotlight #19 Launch Pad for Consciousness by Ezry Keydar

"Launch Pad for Consciousness" is a meditation on short humans existence in contrast to the eternality of the universe.

Spotlight #18 Treasures of Zakynthos by Maciej Tomków

This time we are sharing an exceptional timelapse film by Maciej Tomków. "Treasures of Zakynthos" shows the most outstanding places in one of the Greek islands - Zakynthos.

Spotlight #17 Aurora Borealis by Peter Rosén

This time we are sharing a breathtaking phenomenon of appearing Aurora Borealis above Abisko National Park and Swedish Lapland, captured by Peter Rosén.

Spotlight #16 Dione by Mat Zdziebko

Learn more about a marvellous time-lapse project created by Mat Zdziebko. ‘Dione’ is a perfect example of pushing the DitoGear™ equipment above the limits.

Spotlight #15 Tempus by Bartek Hlawka

This time we are sharing an inspiring project by Bartek Hlawka. Check out the Evolution Multi-axis Motion Control Kit capabilities in the outdoor shooting.

Spotlight #14 Miniature History by Bartek Hlawka

Learn more about an interesting project, created in 4K resolution by Bartek Hlawka. 'Miniature History' contains a mixture of events that are largely memorable for humanity.

Spotlight #13 Warsaw Halla by Maciej Tomków

This time we are sharing an outstanding project by Maciej Tomków. Making of Warsaw Halla emphasizes a unique combination of blading and steadicam work.

Spotlight #12 Planet Chronos by Sebastian Opitz

This time we are sharing an outstanding time-lapse project by Sebastian Opitz. Don't miss one of the world's most impressive urban landscapes!

Spotlight #11 Exploring Timelapse by Mark Thyrring

'Exploring Timelapse' is a project created by Mark Thyrring, aimed at exploring the time-lapse technique during the U.S. trip.