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Custom motion control systems installations
DitoGear™ team’s combined expertise in the areas of design, machining, electronics, software/firmware development and film is an invaluable asset when it comes to designing custom motion control systems for live action shooting, timelapse and stop motion animation. Our specialty is working with lightweight systems for DSLRs and digital cinema, so if you look forward to having another Milo we’re probably not the right address. But other than that we’ll try to help.

Let us know about your dream, the budget you have and let’s take it from there.

OEM or co-branded motion control solutions
With a track record designing motion control systems controllers, low level motor controllers, firmware, software and hardware we have the right assets to extend your products portfolio with motion control equipment. Either as an OEM / whitelabel gear or cobranded products we’ll be eager to work with you and take the advantage of the cooperation.

Let us know what you need.