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Share our success and become an affiliate partner.

The affiliate program of DitoGear has been developed to share our success with people involved in film and video production industry.
To participate you should be already owning DitoGear™ equipment.

The affiliate program is directed to:

  1. Independent filmmakers: producers, shooters, directors…
  2. Video business related website owners
  3. Production and post production companies
  4. Other parties involved in the video-production
    and film industry

How we select our affiliate partners

The DitoGear stands for quality. This has been and will ever be our principle and core brand value since the beginning of our company. Therefore we reserve right to pick our affiliates carefully and we sign agreements only in case we completely trust our potential partners. The key considerations during the decision process are:

  1. Professional experience and quality of work
  2. Quality of website and website content, website traffic
  3. Recognition and reach in the Internet, especially considering social media influence, and in the industry

What we offer to our affiliate partners

  1. Shared-revenue business model and commission on each sale made
  2. Individual discount voucher codes to help our Partners promote our products
  3. Access to product-related media and advertising materials
  4. Access to several testing units (depending on availability)

How to apply?

In order to become an affiliate partner please register at:
Detailed business terms will be provided after successful review of your application.